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Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology

MA (Máster en Artes) Estados Unidos de América Los Ángeles September 2019

Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology (GSEP) provides innovative academic programs dedicated to building scholar-practitioners through hands-on learning. We shape individuals who will be catalysts for inspiration and change.

UCLA Anderson Executive Education

Certificado Estados Unidos de América Los Ángeles September 2019

Since 1954, UCLA Anderson Executive Education has been in the business of helping organizations and individuals work smarter. We drive new knowledge off of the white board and into the workplace where it counts. We’re not just on campus. We meet today’s leaders wherever they are in the world: on the go, online and on demand.

University of Southern California Gould School of Law

Certificado Estados Unidos de América Los Ángeles September 2019

USC is the first law school to offer an online Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree with the option of earning a graduate certificate in Business Law; both of these qualifications can be completed online in just three semesters. Enroll in USC and learn about the U.S. legal system from your corner of the world.

General Assembly

Curso Estados Unidos de América Nueva York Atlanta Austin Boston Chicago Dallas Denver Los Ángeles Santa Mónica Irvine Providence San Francisco San José Seattle Washington D. C. Arlington Reino Unido Londres Hong Kong Singapur Australia Brisbane Melbourne Sídney USA Online September 2019 + 22 más

General Assembly is a pioneer in education and career transformation, specializing in today’s most in-demand skills. The leading source for training, staffing, and career transitions, we foster a flourishing community of professionals pursuing careers they love.

Los Angeles College of Music - Online

Certificado Estados Unidos de América Los Ángeles Australia Australia Online Canadá Canada Online Francia France Online Alemania Germany Online Reino Unido UK Online Irlanda Ireland Online September 2019 + 10 más

Los Angeles College of Music (LACM) prepares students to be leaders in music and offers Bachelor’s and Associate’s degrees and Diploma programs in Music Performance, Music Production, Songwriting, Composing for Visual Media and Music Business. Located in the heart of the music and entertainment industries, the faculty is comprised of current leading music professionals with a passion for inspiring the next generation. The college offers a significant number of real world pla… [+] ying situations with professional musicians, not just peers, making it one of the top music schools today. The student body is comprised of talented students from around the world who partner together in an intimate and supportive environment to learn to create, record, perform and market groundbreaking music in today’s competitive music industry. [-]

Abraham Lincoln University

MSc (Máster en Ciencias) Grado en Ciencias (BSc) Diploma MBA Grado en Artes (BA) Grado en Administración de Empresas (BBA) Doctorado en Administracion de Negocios (DBA) Certificado Estados Unidos de América Los Ángeles September 2019 + 5 más

Abraham Lincoln University is an online educational institution providing nationally accredited Juris Doctor, Associate, , Master’s degrees and diploma/certificate programs. At ALU’s online law school, ALU delivers instruction for an online law degree that is student centered and that uses advanced interactive technology...

VCampus Global

Certificado Estados Unidos de América Los Ángeles Emiratos Árabes Unidos Al Jazirah Al Hamra India Delhi September 2019 + 2 más

VCampus is a leading US-based Education Company incorporated in the state of Delaware. VCampus is an eminent education and service provider comprising of a rich portfolio of 'instructor-led' and online courses through its global partners. We offer specialized diplomas and certification programs in fields like IT, Management, Vocational Training, Soft Skills, etc.

California National University for Advanced Studies

MBA Certificado Estados Unidos de América Los Ángeles September 2019

California National University was founded in January 1993 in recognition of the need for working adults to meet contemporary challenges to re-think and re-tool. From the beginning, it has been CNU's intent to provide quality degree programs in a flexible environment.